2 bhk flat interior design

Below are some easy, inexpensive ideas for interior design that helped turn my 2 bhk flat interior design  bland-flat into a stylish bachelor pad

1. Choosing a color scheme:

The first thing I had to sort through my new flat was the color scheme, or should I say, I needed to add a color scheme first. I like my music of rock and of metal. So, I like dark colors like black, deep reds and blues. When choosing a color scheme, it is important that you pick colors that represent your personality. I went for dark and black purple in the end.

2. Paint:

It was time to get messy with paint now that I had selected my color scheme. A popular technique when painting a room’s walls is to paint the same color on opposite walls, and a different color on the remaining two walls. I painted two of my opposite facing walls in my case dark purple and the other two I left white. With paintings and other such decoration these white walls will be added later to give them more appeal.

3. Buy Nice Furnishings or Upgrade:

What You Got My flat came partially furnished, it had a bed, couch, old coffee table, wardrobes and a few dressing rooms. The sofa was a hideous dark brown color, so I bought a good large black sofa throw that I used to cover the sofa. Curtains with a swirly black pattern that suited my cushions and helped to promote my color scheme all over the room. As for the coffee table, wardrobes and cupboards, I simply painted them in black using a wood-based paint, then gave them a good varnish coat.

4. Decorate with art and personal items:

This part is enjoyable, and your hobbies and interests in life will represent again. I’m a big fan of rock and metal music. To add more variety to my flat’s walls I wanted to spend a little money on some Canvas Picture Prints. I chose some covers from my favorite record, including Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Pantera. I had these pictures turned into beautiful Canvas Prints by my local printing business. They look fantastic on the walls, and offer a very personal touch to the room. I still have some old guitars, so I put one of them on the wall instead of tossing them out, using a guitar holder I purchased from a local music store.

5. Lighting:

I didn’t come up with this concept myself technically, it was created by a friend who designs lighting for music concerts, but I’m so grateful he did it because it has taken my flat to a whole new level of coolness. I bought some free standing tall lamps from a high street store in the city. I positioned these in the corners of my room and managed to focus the light in many angles across the room using the directional lamp heads. These lamps also came with dimmer controls which allowed me to change the brightness level omitted by each head of the lamp. I was able to arrive at some really calming and quiet lighting settings for my 2 bhk flat interior design by experimenting.

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